June 30, 2016


Race Pro Products Company is a full service manufacturing and distribution company dedicated to serving the needs of Supermarket Chains, Convenience Store Distribution, Automotive Distributors and the Economy / Dollar Store Markets. We have over 10 years experience involved in category management of the automotive sector. We have extensive knowledge on product placement, sales, profit margins, inventory turns, rebates, TPR’s and promotions. We have the tools available to update automotive sections for Auto Resets and Schematics, and the personnel for field work for merchandising if required.

Race Pro Products Company offers a complete line of professionally formulated “Oils, Lubricants, Window Wash, Antifreeze, Coolants and Additives “in dynamic packages for maintenance and enhanced performance of motor vehicles, marine vessels and industrial machinery. We are regarded in the industry for economy and quality. Products include a wide array of motor oils, transmission fluids, brake fluids, antifreeze coolant, radiator stop leak, carburetor cleaner, starting fluid, fuel injector cleaner, octane boost, engine degreasers, gas and oil treatments.  

Race Pro Products Company can also provide Private Label Packaging for large volume accounts who  find a need for their own identity on the oil and chemical products we  offer.

Race Pro Products Company offers special pricing for mass quantity purchases. There is a minimum purchase for cases or gallons on private labeling.

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